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Have you ever thought of going to a formal gathering without any earrings? It feels like you are not properly dresses for the occasion, doesn’t it? It feels incomplete. Just think about a wedding for an instance.

You plan what you will wear from the shoes to the hairstyle and even the color of your nail polish. A matching set of jewelry completes your outfit and is an absolute necessity.



jewel royal


Nowadays, it is more likely that the purpose of purchasing a set for yourself is for artistic display, status symbol or group affiliation. Before, jewelry was mainly used as amulets or trinkets to ward off evil symbols or it was used to depict your level of authority in a clan. It was mostly made when it was really needed because in the past, most people were poor and there werent many  aristocrats and royalties that needed fancy bling.



Now, due to the progression of society, everyone has access to jewelry — hot only high royalty so demand has exploded! It no longer depicts a general symbol of royalty so anyone who has a bit of money can simply go to a store and make a purchase :) It doesnt really matter if its for a ring, cuff links or a beautiful necklace — its all the same

Technology has also played an important role in the demand. Since the Industrial Revolution, advanced machinery has played an important role in minimizing cost of production for almost everything that was manufactured at that time. Due to this, everything made sold at a lower price making everything more available and cheaper to the general public.



Jewelry is no exception even though the price still carries a premium. You can now find jewelry shops in every small city in North America.